Monday, December 31, 2012

Megan's Dance Recital

Starting in September, Megan has been going weekly to a dance class, where she is learning both tap and ballet.  I absolutely love taking her and watching her twirl and tap.  She is just so darn cute! This is definitely one of the perks to having a girl! She is in the class with her friends Layna and Eliza, and is having the greatest time.  She looks forward to her next dance class the moment the one she was just in finishes.  Seriously.  She's even been picking up on the dance lingo.  In October she went around the house saying "shuffle, step."  Now she goes leaping around the house singing "saute, saute!"  I'm in love, she's in love. :)
The dance company owner's husband was diagnosed with leukemia this past summer, so because she's been so busy dealing with that, along with running the company, she didn't have the time to put on a full blown dance recital this winter.  Instead she held mini-recitals, where each class learned their own dance and then just did their own recital to only their class and the parents.  I don't blame the owner and I was happy to just sit for 15 min and watch my little Meg's dance.  She was sooooooooo cute too.  They tapped to "Up on the Rooftop." Megan had been practicing at home for weeks, so she had most of it down pretty good.  At the end they did cute bows and then parents went crazy with pictures. 
I'm so proud of my little Megan.  She really loves dancing and music. She did great at the recital and didn't get shy once.  I wish I could put the video on the blog, but it's super long and won't load.  Maybe I'll get Bo to crop it and put it up.  Either way, she looks darling enough in the pictures below!  (Edit: the video should now be below for all the die-hard readers who made it down this far in the blog)

Layna and Megan.

Megan, Eliza, and Layna


Stormie said...

How fun! Megan is so cute! Miyah's taking a dance class too this year and likes it so I totally know what you mean about enjoying it yourself too. That's fun there was a Christmas recital ... we don't have one until June.

Samantha said...

Cass- she is SO cute. And so spunky!

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