Monday, December 31, 2012


For some reason, most of our Christmas morning pictures are blurry, I put on the few that were clear.
Christmas started at about 7 am this year.  Bo and I got the kids a bounce house this year, and instead of letting them unwrap the gift, we had it all set out, minus the air, and ready for them.  They immediately recognized what it was and were ready to jump in it!  Seriously.  If you look at the first two pictures, you'll se that the presents are still wrapped and under the tree.
After the glory of the bounce house faded a bit, they were ready to get down to business and open some presents.  It was awesome having Carter being able to read the name tags and hand out the gifts.  One perk to him getting older so quickly.
Megs received a Rapunzel dress, a princess carriage, some clothes, pots and pans, and a doll crib, among other fun things.  Derrick's big gifts were a new car seat (sooo exciting, I know), and a basketball hoop.  Carter got a pogo stick, some ninjago guys, the game Operation, and his favorite gift was his Uncle Dallin's Nintendo DS--on loan while Dallin is serving a mission.
Bo and I were spoiled with treats, jackets, shirts, gift cards, books, and a fun race car track.  My favorite gift would have to be the fact that my parents were there.  Bo had to work all of Christmas week, including most of Christmas day, so with my parents here to keep me company, Christmas wasn't as depressing as it could have been.  I'm seriously so glad they came.  The kids were thrilled to have them there too, and if my parents are to be believed, they say it was one of their most favorite Christmas's.  I hope so!
The rest of Christmas was spent with the kids jumping on the bounce house, eating yummy food, and watching movies.  Oh yeah, and some naps.  What a wonderful day. 
And of course, we are so grateful for our Savior and for the miracle of his birth. We really tried to drill into our kids the true meaning of Christmas this year, and I hope they got it.  Our lives are blessed because of Jesus Christ; his example, his sacrifice, and his love. 
Merry Christmas!! 

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Stormie said...

What a fun Christmas! Minus Bo working of course, but it looks like maybe he was there in the morning? Glad your parents could come!

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