Monday, December 10, 2012

Our first REAL Christmas tree!

Bo and I had been in a debate about what to do for a Christmas tree this year.  I wanted a real one, he thought our old fake one would be fine.  Due to impatience and cheapness on my part, the fake one won out, UNTIL we set it up and plugged it in.  Half of the lights were burnt out (this was a pre-lit tree)!  Well that settled it for us, real one it is!
Bo had an evening off the week after Thanksgiving, that's right, an evening, so we packed the kids up and headed over to a nearby tree farm to go pick out our tree.  I was disappointed in the selection (won't be going there next year) but we still had a fun time and found a nice tree.
We trudged through that patch looking for just the right one.  We found one, but Bo thought it might be too short, so I stuck around the tree, making sure we didn't lose it, while he went out and searched more, eventually coming back to us and agreeing this was the right one.  Bo sawed through half of the tree, tried getting Carter to help, and then I finished that bad boy off.  When Derrick saw the tree fall, he was DEVASTATED.  It was so cute.  He did not like that we had cut it down.  I love that boy!
So the funny part of the story is that when we got back to the barn and the measured the tree, Bo asked how tall it was.  Their reply was that it was 5 feet.  5 FEET!!!  Bo and I looked at each other and just laughed...and laughed...and laughed.  Oh goodness.  We picked a little baby tree!  They bundled it up for us and put it on our car, and Bo and I just watched and died from embarrassment at how small it was.  On the drive home, while I was still laughing but oh-so-embarrassed to be seen driving around with the thing on our car, Bo was all, "if that thing is too short, we're just hiding it somewhere and I'm going to Kroger and getting another one."  hahahaaa. 
When we came home we unwrapped the tree, set it up, and stepped back to look at it. HA!  It wasn't 5 feet!  It was probably 6 feet.  Sure it could have been taller, but it at least it was taller then us!  haha.  So we kept it. It really is a pretty tree, at least we think so.  We think that the tree farm place must have just measured it from the bottom branch to the top, instead of measuring at the bottom of the trunk. 
So there is our adventure on getting our first tree.  We are happy and enjoying it and hopefully we'll continue to get real ones because I just love how full they are, plus they smell great!
Merry Christmas!
My manly man!

Cutting the tree! To quote Bo, "It's like cutting through butter!" 

 Riding in an ATV back to the barn with our tree in the back!
What Chirstmas is complete without matching Christmas pajamas?!! 


Haley Krumblis said...


How fun! You look so great! Miss you!


Katie said...

Love your tree! I'm such a fan of live trees, so yay for getting your first one! :)

The Boyce's said...

What a fun story! And I love the tree! It looks perfect! And cute kids, like always! :)

Alan said...

Matching Pajamas! Butter!

Stormie said...

Beautiful tree and I love the pjs!

Serena said...

5 feet, haha, that would've been awesome. :) Love your tree, it's beautiful.

Lindsay Adams said...

Looks like you're ready for Christmas!

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