Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky

So Carter has been really into sneaky mode lately. I don't know where he got it, but it both cracks me up and drives me crazy at the same time. Oh what a little kiddo.
His favorite hideout is behind his bedroom door. He thinks he's being sneaky and that no one knows what he's up to, but the problem is that he never goes into his room alone and shuts the door unless it's to do something he's not supposed to, hence the dead giveaway when the door is shut. His latest thing is to grab whatever item he wants but knows he can't have, book it to his room, and then shut the door. Hmmm. . . and then he is all super surprised when we find him, as if to say "how did you find me??" or "I can't believe you've discovered my secret hideout. . .again"
He needs to be potty trained. How do I know? Because Mister Sneaky will randomly run away in the middle of an activity to his secret hiding spot *behind the bedroom door* and then come back all stinky. Yep it's time. It's just sooooo exhausting.
On a final note of being sneaky, Carter will come up to us, mostly me, at random points in the day, and grab something of ours and then run off with it, all the while doing his "evil"laugh. I'm not kidding. He does it in a villain like laugh too. Three Ha ha ha's. Just like that. Three separate ha's each one a lower note then the one before it. His favorite things to snatch are Megan's blankets, the remote, and pretty much whatever is on my lap that I have forgotten about for two seconds. I swear he just sits in the background and just waits for the perfect opportunity to come running in and grab the beloved item and do his little "ha ha ha." Oh that boy. Thank goodness he's usually good about returning it after a few threats to time out. :)
So there you have it. My prankster/sneaky boy. There's no way you can see that in his cute face, is there?


Conner Clan said...

Very cute typical boy! Just be glad you don't have twoof them to team up! It really starts to get crazy when they can conspire together! But boys are cool. You'll see how different Megan is when she gets older. Kids are so fun!

Conner Clan said...

Oh, one more thing. I've been meaning to ask you. I checked out the thing to make a book. It looks really cool. What book format did you use? They have the "blog to book" format, but then when you select that, it says: "where is your blog?" And it only has two services to pick from: Live Journal and Typepad. Neither of those worked for me when trying to sign in. Any pointers?

Samantha said...

Next time try saying "Swiper no swiping!" 3 times and see if that stops him!

Jackie said...

I miss you and the kids. Let's hang out!

CAMI said...

What a funny boy!
So how much did the book you made from your blog cost?

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