Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blurb disclaimer

This is for all of you who have had questions concerning publishing your blog through blurb.com, like I did.
Apparently Blurb no longer is compatible with blogspot.com. The reason being that blogspot changed some digital output something or the other. I did some research on the Blurb website and they said that they hope to solve this problem, but that they won't start working on it until 2009. Until then, if you want your blog printed through this site, they suggest copy and pasting. I read on the comments on the Blurb website that one user found an alternate website that would download your blog and then Blurb could take your posts from there. I have no clue if it works, but you can try it.
I'm sorry about this. I suggest waiting a couple months to see if they fix it. Waiting is a way better option than copy and pasting. . . . at least to me. Blogspot changed their digital whatever sometime this summer, and I had downloaded the program and my blog before this, hence why I have mine. I just didn't get my book printed for awhile because I am a procrastinator and we were having computer issues. They are actually really efficient.
As to the cost. . . Blurb has many different options. They charge you different rates depending on hard back, soft back, number of pages, and so forth. They were very easy to deal with. For our two books, shipping included, the total cost was $90. We got hardback, which is more, and we had around 75 pages. Go to blurb.com to get the pricing.
Good Luck! I hope this was helpful.


Robin Conner said...

Thanks Cassidy! That helps a ton! I'll just wait! ;)

Andrea said...

thanks, i decided to wait too, thanks for the info.

Shawn and Michelle said...

heyyy...I need your address to send your christmas present! You should be so so excited!! haha :) love you!

CAMI said...

Man that sux~
hey could you send me your address to cami.stars337@gamil.com Thanks

Katie said...

OH NO! I am so upset! After seeing your cool little book that was going to be my Christmas break project. Looks like it'll be waiting until they resolve the issue. Thanks for the info.

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