Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Soccer Season

This year we decided to put Carter in a different soccer program than the one he'd been in the last two years.  Man, after just the first couple practices I was wishing we had put him in this program from the beginning! Carter really developed under this program and coach.  He was able to learn and work on new footwork and he had lots of opportunities to either play in games or have scrimmages.  As I said, he really improved.  He constantly made me proud with either his persistence, his defense, and yes, using those fancy new foot moves on offense. 
Carter really enjoyed his team this year.  He had fun making new friends.  He also decided this year (we'll see what he chooses next year) that he likes to be on the defense.  He would rather be a goalie.  He wants to be the hero that stops the ball. :)
Unfortunately, since soccer was in the beginning of my pregnancy, I was too scatterbrained and out of it to remember to bring my camera.  These pictures were taken at his last game. He's such a cutie!  Here's to another soccer star in the making!!!

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