Thursday, December 12, 2013

Washington Trip Part 2

After the family reunion at Ensign Ranch, Bo and I loaded up the kids and headed back to Moses Lake to spend some time with my parents.  My kids had fun playing on the swing, feeding the animals, and just enjoying the great outdoors.  As you can see from the pictures, Megs was the one doing most of the swinging, Derrick had an endless supply of carrots to feed the bunnies and goat, and Carter did the caretaking of the cat and de-gourd-ing of the garden.  I guess my dad told the kids that he would pay them five cents for every gourd they picked.  That pile in the picture?  Yeah that was Carter.  Meg and Derrick weren't even tempted.  My dad ended up paying Carter $20. hahhaaaa.  I could've told him that if he's going to offer Carter a chance to earn money, he would have to pay big. :)  Oh yeah, and Derrick became my Grandpa Baker's best friend.  Apparently they spent many afternoons hanging out on the porch outside.  I love that Derrick got to spend some precious time with his great grandpa, even if he won't remember it.
During our few days in ML we decided to drive to the Tri-Cities and check out potential neighborhoods we would maybe like to move to.  While in the Tri-Cities we also stopped to visit with Bo's sister, Terra, and her kids.  Bo's Mom also came by to have dinner and chat. 
Before leaving Moses Lake to head back to Seattle to spend a day with Ivin and company before flying out, we did a little photo session with my Grandpa.  He is 96 years old!!!  I wanted some pictures of my kids with their great-grandpa (who is living with my parents), so they could have it in the records that they knew him.  Derrick, unfortunately, would have nothing to do with the picture taking.  He was tired and GRUMPY, but really, he LOVED hanging out with his great grandpa. 
So yeah. we headed back to Seattle for one more day with their cousins from Ivin's clan.  We took them all to Chuck E Cheese, a safe bet to not losing any children, which is a must when you have FOUR 2 year olds.  The kids had fun. They love those cousins.  We had some last day fun, and then the next morning we were heading back to Indianapolis.  It was a really fun trip, and like I said before, it made us super anxious and excited to be moving near to all this fun family!!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm glad you're moving back closer, too.

Your mom told me that Grandpa Thurn loved Derrick. Kept telling her how smart he was.

That's funny about Carter going gung ho with the gourds.

You have a cute family Cassidy. I'm proud of all of you.

Rachel said...

Ditto Aunt Jane

Cassidy said...

Thank you!!!!

Cassidy said...

Thanks! :)

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