Friday, December 20, 2013

Mannheim Steamroller

Bo asked me back in November if I would like to go see Mannheim Steamroller play in Indy during Christmastime. Um, YES PLEASE!  We decided to count it as our ten year anniversary celebration. Best idea EVER.
We went to eat at a yummy Japanese steakhouse first, and then it was off to the concert. The concert was so fun. A bit loud, but very entertaining.  Bo and I agree the drummer and the percussionist were our favorites.  They were definitely fun to watch, with their drum stick twirling, swaying, and spinning tambourine moves.  They definitely got into it. It's nice to see someone enjoying their job so much.
I wish we'd brought Carter, so he could see the musicians.  I know baby boy sure enjoyed it, as he was constantly moving the whole time. If he comes out deaf, or grows up loving Mannheim Steamroller, we'll know why.
Thanks Bo for the great date and for a WONDERFUL 10 years of marriage.  I'm so glad you love me, proposed to me, and that I said yes!  Here's to eternity!


Stormie said...

Happy Anniversary! That's so fun!

Donnie and Laura said...

Oh wow! That looks fun! Totally something we'd like to do. Maybe for OUR 10 year anniversary!

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