Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Washington Trip part 1

In October Bo had a conference for work that he needed to attend, and lucky us, it was in Seattle!!!  It also just happened to line up with Carter's two week break from school.  With the conference and a two week break, you'd better believe we took advantage of it all and headed to Washington for two and a half weeks! 
We came in on a Thursday and spent the Thursday and Friday with Ivin and Christina.  Then on Sunday we drove the kids to my parents house in Moses Lake, dropped them off to have some grandparent time, and turned around and headed back to Seattle.  That's right, Bo and I were going to have 4 kid-free days!!!!!  Much needed alone time for us. :)
While in Seattle, Bo and I ran into some friends from Indy at the Pike's Market and spent lots of time with them looking at shops and eating food. While Bo attended a few meetings/conference lectures I shopped, went to lunch with Ivin, and took naps.  Yes, yes I did.  Bo and I went out to yummy restaurants in the evenings, and even saw a few movies.  Such a fun trip!
After Seattle, we drove to Ensign Ranch, where Bo's family had arranged a family reunion for Thursday through Monday.  All the siblings, their spouses, and kids, along with Sandy and Reed, were there.  Bo's sister, Amanda, had picked the kids up in Moses Lake, so we were able to meet them at the Ranch/cabin. 
Again, I didn't get much pictures, but I did get some.  WE had fun playing outside, playing ping pong, pool, and other games inside.  We did crafts, decorated pumpkins, ate yummy yummy food, and chatted and laughed.  It was wonderful.  It made us sooooo excited to be able to move back home in June so that our kids could be with their cousins a lot more.
After the reunion, we headed back to Moses Lake to spend more time with my parents.   Those pictures will be in the next post. :)

 Me and Rachel Ferraris--a wonderful friend from Indy.  Her husband is in Bo's program, hence the reason they were in Seattle too.

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