Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Random December Pictures

A lot happened in December.  And I forgot to blog.
We bought the kids a bunk bed, I made some super yummy, but super ugly fudge, Meg's got creative with paper, and Carter got to go to a reptile show and pet an alligator.
We met up with Ivin's family at Great Wolf Lodge.  We did A LOT of swimming, of which I have no pictures, and then we saw Santa, had a dance party, and got the kids' faces painted
What else... Terra and I were in charge of decorating the church for the ward party.  We, and our crew, did an awesome job.  Perry is growing too fast, and Carter got his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts. 
Oh yeah, and that picture of Derrick in that Kermit the frog hat and gloves?  Yeah that was him ALL of December AND January.  And a little of February too.  He was obsessed with wearing them.  Such a cutie. 
The last pictures are my darling children in the Christmas outfits.  So cute.  So small.  They are growing up fast. 

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