Monday, December 29, 2014

Random Pictures from October...yep, October

Apparently October was quite the picture-taking month. 
Some of the pictures are from when I went to my parents for General Conference weekend.  Bo was working, and I just didn't want to stay cooped up in my home with the kids, so off to Grandpa and Grandma Baker's we went! I even got a great picture of my Grandpa Thurn holding Perry.
Also in the pictures are a couple different scouting activity photos.  We went to Ice Harbor Dam for one scout outing, and then later on in the month we had the National Guard come and teach our boys about the Flag and how to properly fold it. 
There are pictures of everyone in Bo's family at Bo's mom's, my kids meeting their newest cousin, Scarlett, pictures of us playing a candy bar game for Family Home Evening, One-on-one time with Derrick at the pet store, and then just random pictures of the kids. Also there is some documentation of Perry starting to crawl.

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