Monday, December 29, 2014

Halloween 2014

"There's 104 days of Summer Vacation..."
This Halloween, our family actually did a theme!!!  All thanks to Perry. :)
I had a lady knit Perry's Perry the Platypus costume, and then I sewed Derrick's Ferb costume and painted Carter's Phineas shirt. Bo already had a lab coat for Dr. Doofensmirtz, and I just needed a yellow vest for Linda Flynn-Fletcher.  Megan was Candice, and she needed a white skirt.  Easiest costumes, and the most fun to do.  I thought we looked great!
The family pictures are from the ward Halloween Party. 
Halloween afternoon, Terra and I took the kids out for some Trick or Treating at a nearby strip mall.  Perry collected candy on behalf of Carter, who opted to stay in school and have fun with his class's Halloween party.
On Halloween night we had Terra and Jordon's family, along with Sandy and Dallin, over for a fun dinner, and then we went out for some Trick or Treating!!!
p.s....I cheated on the apple dunking.  I couldn't get an apple for the life of me...


Jenn Zabriskie Timmerman said...

Ha! I made bone breadsticks and mummy hot dogs, too! Are you an OBB fan, too? :-)

Cassidy said...

The recipes were from Mels Kitchen Café! But I do like OBB. :)

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