Monday, December 29, 2014


Carter and Megan played soccer.  It's actually a Fall/Spring program, so they both stay on their teams and continue playing in March.
Carter really grew in soccer.  He was fast on his feet and played forward almost every game.  Except that one game that Uncle Travis came to, and convinced Carter he should play goalie so that Carter could do some "scorpion kick" that some professional goalie in some other country performed.  Poor Carter, he was so sad he didn't get to do the kick. :)  Carter had tons of fun and really got along well with his team.   Bo helped assist in coaching every time he could.  They both had fun!
Megan, wow.  Megan was the star of her team.  She scored at least 5 goals a game.  The last game she actually scored 11!!!!  Yeah.  She was pretty much a pro. :)  Her games were 3 on 3, and since most of the time her team only had 3 players ( other teams had 5-6!), she played the whole time.  And they still won, out numbered and all.  hahhaa.  Yeah, she had tons of fun this year.  I'm sure come Spring all the other girls will have caught up to her, but it was fun seeing her out there, stealing the ball and dribbling down to score.
Derrick and Perry had fun being Carter and Meg's cheerleaders.  Grandpas, Grandmas, and Uncles often came to their games.  It's great being around so much family!!


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