Monday, December 29, 2014

Picture Catch Up!

I am pretty proud of me and Bo.  We made 4 stinking adorable babies.  FOUR of them!  And they are all just so darn cute.  Whinny? yes, a bit.  Sometimes frustrating?  Umm yeah.  But adorable?  Always. And funny.  And thoughtful. And definitely, DEFINETLY, hilarious.
Derrick is our dress up kid.  Always dressing up in costumes.  He puts these years of Halloween costumes to good use. Every. Day. 
Megan is our Mother Hen.  She watches out for Perry and plays with Derrick.  She has a love hate relationship with Carter, but mostly it's a love/idol one. Reminds me of Golden and me.
Carter is our goof.  He is the jokester.  He can also be my most responsible and sensitive kid.
Perry? Perry is a doll.  Oh he is such a joy to have.  He is pretty much always happy and LOVES his siblings.

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The Beus Gang

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