Friday, September 13, 2013

The Indiana State Fair

You can never attend too many fairs. ;) 
I almost wasn't going to go the Indiana Sate Fair this year, since Bo wasn't interested in going at all, but then I had a friend call me telling me they were doing a "Two dollar Tuesday" in which everything was $2, and I was sold!
We went while Carter was in school, and while I did feel kind of bad that he wasn't going, I consoled myself with the knowledge that Bo and I were taking him, and just him, to Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters, later that week for date night. 
Megs and Derrick pretended to be farmers at one station, which was fun, but their favorite part was riding on the boat ride.  I don't ever let my kids ride on those rides, but since it was only $2, and my friends were having their kids do it, I decided to go ahead.  I'm a push over. :) 
They also got to go on a pony ride.  I wasn't able to take pictures because I had to walk next to the pony with my kids, but it did happen, and they did love it. ;)  Well Megs did.  Derrick says he did, but he didn't change his facial expression one bit the whole time he was riding.  The pony guide was making him shy, so no emotion whatsoever was shown while on the pony.  But he loved it. :)

Waiting to ride the pony with their friends! 
L to R:  Whitney and James Pike, Derrick, Gemma and Evie Shirley, Leo Daley, and Megs. 

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