Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Last Summer Swimming.

Carter had a random day off of school the week before Labor Day (yes, that long ago), so a bunch of friends and I took advantage of another friend's hospitality and had a pool day at her neighborhood pool.  The pools everywhere, in town and neighborhoods, would be closing after Labor Day weekend, so we wanted to get as much swimming in as possible before the season was over.   Thank goodness we went swimming that day too, because Labor Day weekend ended up being like 75 degrees, and it was too cold to swim.  So this ended up being the last day we went swimming. :(  I feel like this summer we didn't get too many days of swimming, either, because it was such a cool summer.  Excluding that last week in Aug when it reached 90 + every day BUT Labor Day weekend, pretty much we only had one day when it was in the 90's, and all the other days it was maybe mid 80's. It just wasn't warm enough to swim.
So yeah, I took the kids swimming.  They have lots of friends here, and they all had fun swimming together.  Megs and Carter took off to swim with their friends, and Derrick pretty much spent most of his time (although NOT documented) jumping into my arms in the big pool.  Over. And over. AND OVER.  My arms were so sore that evening! :)
Jackson Louthain and Derrick 

My cutie patooties, Megs and Carter, getting into the pool.

 Don't you DARE!
This boy is so spoiled because how on Earth can you say no to that face?????

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