Sunday, September 15, 2013

End of Summer Hike

In one of the last days of August, when the weather was a wonderful 80 degrees, Bo and I decided to take the kids to a park nearby.  The kids played for a few minutes on the toys, but then decided to ditch that and go play some good ole fashioned baseball.  Or at least have batting practice with a cheering section. :)
For awhile Bo and Carter played catch, but then Carter busted out the bat.  He actually got in quite a few hits too.  Maybe there is still hope for a Major Leaguer.  It's one of Bo's biggest dreams, lets be honest.  Megs spent the time playing with Derrick or cheering with me.   Derrick was the cutie he always is, and walked around with Carter's mitt, trying to gather all the balls he could get. He eventually worked out a system with Bo, where he gathered the balls that Bo threw or Carter hit, and take them back to Bo, then be off to go get more.  Great exercise all around. :)
After baseball we decided to take a little hike in the woods near the pike.  They have lots of trails, and we have hiked the "easy" ones often.  Carter was the photographer for the hikes. :)

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