Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Hendricks County Fair

If I find out something is free, you'd better believe my friends and I will be there!  hahaha.  It's true though....
So I had received a flyer from some Purdue University FFA club or whatever saying that they were going to put on these kids classes during the fair.  The classes were an hour long, and varied from day to day.  AND they were free. :) Not to mention that our county fair and parking is free too. Um, hello, who would pass this up?!
 I signed my kids up, and got my friends to sign theirs up too, for the Wednesday one because they were doing a Dairy lesson.  Basically they had a story read to them, they got milkshakes (the real reason I chose that class--lets be honest), they colored their own (free) sippy cups, and then they got to go see a calf.  Hey, it was an hour at the fair that I didn't have to be in control of.  You'd do it too. 
The kids loved the class, and still use their cups.  After the class we took the kids to the different barns to see the animals.  Derrick was in heaven.  HEAVEN.  It was funny because his arm was just skinny enough to reach into practically any cage, and he made sure he tested every cage so that he could pet even those animals that were trying their hardest to stay out of reach. :)  Carter had a good time too.  Megs...she pretty much just stuck by my side. (although, come to think of it in retrospect, that night she did end up throwing up, so maybe she was just sick--huh).  Of course the fair happened during the hottest week we have had this whole summer, so the kids were dying when we were out of the barns.  Shoot--I was dying.  We stuck it out though, saw those animals, played on the free kids activities and got prizes, and even watched a little bit of a horse show.  All in all, it was a success.  And don't worry, I kept my kids hydrated.  We got free water.  hahahahhahahaaaaa. I'm funny, admit it.  I really did make sure they drank a lot though. 
One more point scored for a fun summer activity!

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