Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was one busy day!!  Bo was gone working all day, and knowing that if I stayed home, we wouldn't do anything, I packed up my kids and headed over to Carmel, IN to visit our good friends, the Adams.
We went to a parade that morning that the kids enjoyed, headed back to their house for a quick lunch, and then took the whole gang to the theater to see Despicable Me 2. 
After that we played for an hour or two at the Adams' house, and then the kids and I headed home, had some pizza for dinner while we waited for Bo to get off work, and then we joined up with our good friends, the Humphreys, to go see some fireworks that were hosted by a member of our ward.  And when I say fireworks, I mean FIREWORKS.  We're talking a good solid 45 min. at least of non stop HUGE fireworks.  Our whole ward was pretty much there and it made for a good party. :) 
Here are some pictures of the night.  Carter and Luke were in heaven trying to catch fireflies.  Megs and her friend Layna had fun playing with the glow in the dark jewelry, and Derrick enjoyed the marshmallows.  Derrick handled the fireworks wonderfully, as long as Bo's hand was over his face.  Megan didn't fare quite so well.  She pretty much cried most of the time.  In her defense, it was loud and we were close enough that the ashes were literally falling on us.

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