Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carter's book

I love this!  Don't know why the pictures came in sideways... And yes, Carter must think he's Asian because he wrote the book back to front.
 The Book of Ghost.  Notice he scratched out Mormon and drew a ghost instead. haha
Page one: Ghost says "YOU".  Little man says "Aaaaaa"
 Page 2: Ghost says "Arrrr." Little man says "Aaaaa."
 Page 3: More and bigger Ghosts.  Smaller guy,still saying "Aaaa"
Page 4: More ghosts.  Man getting smaller. Notice he has not only numbered each page, but also drawn a little ghost with each number.  Absolutely darling.
 Page 5: Now there is a spider.  Man is still small. Words say "Yaaaaaa" and "ONO" translation: Oh No!
Page 6: Ghosts, mean giants, 2 spiders, small man.
 This part cracks me up. Page 7 and 8 show a huge ghost and then an arrow pointing to a dot.  The dot is the man.  hahahaaa.
 Page 9: Spider is so big only it's legs make the page.  Arrow indicates dot which is the man.
Page 10: self explanatory.
The best, right??


Stormie said...

Absolutely! Nice work Carter! :)

Eric and Carrie said...

That is pure childhood gold! Great job, Carter!

Jordon and Terra said...

I'm seriously cracking up. I LOVE it! That is just so funny! Good job Carter, what a good imagination!

Katie said...

Amazing. Great writing, Carter!

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