Friday, October 12, 2012

Apple Picking!

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I decided to take our kids to a nearby apple orchard and try our hand at picking some fresh apples!
We were worried that there wouldn't be that many, due to the drought and it being almost the end of the season, but we lucked out and found tons of trees loaded with apples.  We only picked Jonigolds and Cortlands, but that was more than enough for us!  I think I still have some of those Cortlands in my fridge...the Jonigold's lasted maybe 5 days. :)  They were goooood.
Carter was pretty much my only helper.  He was in heaven climbing those trees.  I think it was worth going just for the sake of seeing his little heart fly at being able to climb the trees.  Megan mostly just played with my friend's daughter, and Derrick ran around kicking the rotten apples and having a grand time with my friend's son.
It was a fun trip and I'm glad we did it.  For memory's sake, I also want to note that this summer we also went strawberry picking (YUM!!!!) and raspberry picking (with which we made the most DELICIOUS raspberry and raspberry peach jam).  I'm quite proud of our little ventures into the "farming" community.  I want my kids to always get a taste of their roots.  A taste.  Get it?  bahhahahaa.

Derrick and James 

Our awesome friend Erika and her twins, Whitney and James.


Stormie said...

We went apple picking last year in VA ... I loved the fresh apples. Wish I could eat fruit fresh all the time. It was fun to read these few blog posts. I liked your 'taste' joke. :)

Alan said...

Just so you know, there is much jealously of your Indiana-apple-picking-fall-weather-experiences, in our household ;)

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