Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Poor Derrick

Bo is on-call tonight, which means I'm lonely and have nothing to do.  Bring on BLOGGING!!
You may or may not have heard about this...
The Sunday after Megan's birthday, so the 9th of September, Derrick fell in the Nursery at church and split open his eyebrow.
THANKFULLY Bo was with us.  My friend, the nursery leader, came and got me and Bo.  She told me to grab the kids because Derrick was going to need stitches.  I thought she might have been exaggerating, but she wasn't.  Whew that was a big gash.  Surprisingly, it wasn't bleeding that much, but it was long and wide, and right at the eyebrow.
When we got home, I held a crying and struggling Derrick in my arms and tried applying ice, while Bo got his suture kit ready, because yes, my husband is awesome like that, and had one on hand.  SWEET. Carter distracted Meg upstairs, because that girl does NOT do well with any kind of blood. 
Bo put down a table cloth on the floor, laid out his instruments, got a syringe full of lidocane (sp??), and I swaddled Derrick up in a sheet so he couldn't move.  I then had to kinda sit on him, putting his head in between the thighs so he would stay still, and Bo went to work.  Watching this, hearing my baby struggle and cry, was SO HARD.  And yet, it was kinda fun and interesting to see Bo being an actual Doctor.  I was so proud of him. Really proud.  How awesome is that?  I think live-in Doctors should be the new rage. ;)
Bo ended up putting three stitches in Derrick.  I think he did a marvelous job.  Once it was all done, Derrick calmed right down, took a nap, and returned to his happy self.  What a trooper.  I love that little boy!!
Here are some pics... and yes, they were taken on the same day.

All sweaty and hot from being in that sheet, struggling, and me being on top of him.  Doesn't he look so tired.  He fell asleep in my arms right after this.
All smiles!


Briana Mann said...

Sweet boy!

Alan said...

Live-in doctors are awesome. Glad Derrick is ok...that would be the most terrifying thing for me as a nursery leader. "hey, so, uh, your kid, uh, stitches..."

The Bruces said...

live in doctor... amazing!!

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