Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Our friends, the Daley's, invited us to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to tour the grounds while we were on Carter's Fall Break. A chance to be outside on a super sunny and warm day, a chance to burn some energy, and free?? YES, PLEASE.
The kids had a blast.  We were there for like 3 hours. Megs and I even got sunburned!  It was a lovely day.  We hiked,  climbed sculptures, played on a giant swing, raced our sticks in the river that we threw off the bridge, and walked among some flowers.  I think we are going to have to go back for more!

 Megan, Natalie, Sophia, Derrick, and Carter.  Leo was strapped in the stroller.
 If only there was really a cage like that for kids.....hahahaaa. just kidding....or am I?
 Kids climbing on a giant skeleton sculpture that was on the ground.  Carter is up on the ribs, Girls are on a leg.
 Derrick's turn to be strapped in a stroller and miss out on the picture moment.  He's sorry, I'm sure.

 Dropping our sticks off one side.
 Waiting on the other side of the bridge to see who's stick would come first. I loved doing this with the kids.  This was something I did with my siblings when I was a kid.  That's my friend Jacki up there on the bridge.

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Lindsay Adams said...

Looks like a fun day...jealous!!!

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