Thursday, December 30, 2010


Santa came to our ward party the other night!
I thought for sure Meg would be so excited to see him. Every time she sees him in a show or cartoon, she gets sooooo excited. Like jumping around screaming excited.
In real life? Not so much. I love the pictures I caught. You can see in the first one that Meg is first getting a glimpse of him. In the second picture you can see the beginning of her reaction. She was not down with seeing him in real life. He freaked her out. You should have seen Megan scrambling in Bo's arm trying to get away, while clinging for dear life.
Bo had to take her out of the building for a couple of minutes to calm her down. Once outside, she was so excited, but the moment he stepped back in the building, she was crying to leave. hahaa. She wouldn't even come close enough to Santa to get a bag of treats. Nope, not gonna have it.
Carter, on the other hand, was loving it. He was way excited to sit on Santa's lap, although from the picture you can't tell. When asked by Santa what he wanted for Christmas, Carter replied, "Nothing." Honest. He has everyone so fooled that he is this sweet humble boy. He might be sweet, but he is not humble, and trust Bo and me, he definetly had a list of things he wanted!!! Oh, Carter. We love you.

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