Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had the kids make snowmen on Christmas Eve, using little styrofoam balls, as a way of killing time on Christmas Eve.
What started out as a fun craft activity, quickly turned into an even more fun body art activity. Oh well, as long as they are happy.
That evening, my cousin Jackie and her family, along with Aunt Buffy, Jackie's mom, and the Warrens, came over for dinner, socializing, and Rock Band. haha.
We had fun eating some way good food. This year we found out that a local BBQ place will smoke your turkey for you, so we had them do that and man, I could've just eaten that and been in heaven. So so good. We also had tons of other yummy food and treats. After dinner we chatted for awhile, and then eventually the Rock Band was pulled out, because you just can't have a party at our house without it!
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. Sad. We had fun though. Thanks Warrens, Saragers, and Aunt Buffy for coming over!!


Donnie and Laura said...

Sorry we missed the body art...ha.. BUT THANK YOU so so so much for letting us come over and eat Christmas Eve dinner with you!!! We had the best time!

Jackie said...

So fun so fun so fun. BEST FOOD EVER.

Thanks for everything. Love you so much.

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