Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festival of Lights 2010

We made our annual trip to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens here on the island. This year we went with our friends, the Smiths and Timmermans. We had tons of fun looking at the lights, as always!!
Meg for some reason sat curled up in the stroller most of the night. I guess she was a little scared?? At the end she warmed up and would get excited and point out all the lights. Milo and Carter were the typical 4/5 year old boys. Crazy. They are only about a month and a half apart, so they play together well.
Anyways, it was fun, not cold, and the lights were pretty.
Happy Holidays!

This was how Meg was most of the night....and Carter. haha
Meg, Carter, and Milo

Can you find Megan?

There she is!!! The whole group of kids: Ollie Smith, Carter, Megan, Milo Smith, and little Max Timmerman.

Two wannabe pirates with their boat, excuse me, ship.

Where is Megan again???

Proof she got out of her stroller.... eventually.

Carter wishfully taking a ride on the Polar Express.


Donnie and Laura said...

Ok. Seeing that many kids together sorta scares me.. j/k! I've been wanting to go to the festival of lights-- I guess that one will have to wait for next year though :(

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

How fun! And lookt how long Megan's hair is!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute :)

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