Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Carter came into our room Christmas morning saying, "Santa brought us too many presents!" Umm, why? "Because they don't all fit under the tree!"

Silly boy.

We actually didn't even get up until 7 on Christmas morning, which is fine with me! Although I have to admit, I didn't sleep well that night. It's too much of a habit to wake up through out the night because of the excitement. It's drilled into me from being a kid. :)

Carter was so excited to open presents. Meg was excited, but instead of just wanting to rush through them like her brother, she wanted to play with each and every one.

We open presents one at a time, taking turns. That way we see what everyone got and from whom. Carter was okay with that, but he was NOT okay with waiting for Megan to open her presents, so pretty much he opened up hers with her. Like I mentioned, Megan wanted to play with her toys, not put them away and open more. We seriously had to beg and plead with her to open more presents. Eventually we just decided to ditch her. It was her Christmas morning too, and might as well let her be happy. :) By the time we, meaning Carter, Bo, and I, were done opening our gifts, Meg still had a pile of gifts left to open. haha.
We were really spoiled this year and had a very fun, relaxing day, complete with staying in our pj's the whole day.
Megan and Carter, we love you so much. Thanks for being such wonderful spirits in our lives. Merry Christmas loves.

Thanks Aunt Libby and Uncle David!!!
*side note--A couple of days later, Carter was playing with his medical kit. He put a couple of pieces of candy in it and exclaimed to Bo, "I put candy in it! Now all I need is stickers and I can be a REAL Doctor!!!" :) Doctors to a kid. It makes sense. Everytime he goes to the Dr. he gets a sticker from the nurse and treat from me. :)

Megan got a kitchen which she LOVES. She also got tons of food to go with it, you just can't see them because they are in that basket. And no, the kitchen isn't complete in this picture. Santa wrapped the present and left Bo and me to assemble it that morning. This is pre-stickers and complete assembly.

Carter getting out the batteries for one of his remote control cars. I say one, because he got three this year. One from Bo and me, one from Grandma Sandy, and one from Grandpa Kevin. We raced the cars around all day. Notice the unopened presents on the left? Yeah those would be Meg's.

Megan ditched us opening presents and brought back some of her toys to Carter's room to play. She had gotten these tiny little people from Grandma Sandy, and was anxious to see if they fit in Carter's cars.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man...Christmas as a kid. How fun.

Stickers, treats...sounds like a doctor to me!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

sounds like christmas was fun at your house! Cambree got a digital camera from santa and that is all bridger wanted to play with. everytime i tried to put a present in front of him to open he would push it away to look at that silly camera. i finally just started opening his presents for him because he wanted to not be bothered while playing with that camera! We finally had to hide it and give him one of his toys. silly kids!

Jordon and Terra said...

Loving all the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We sure missed you! Your kids are so dang cute, can't wait to see #3! :)

CAMI said...

Ok I feel awful I had no idea you guys were expecting- why didn't anyone tell us... I guess that's what happens when your out of blog land for forever! Well congrats you guys! your kids are getting so big! Looks like you had a fun Christmas!!!!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Looks like a great Christmas morning! You guys look great. Miss you!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

It looks like we have two little girls that will be very happy playing their kitchens. I bet it is fun having Carter really love Santa and get the whole thing too! Maybe next year we can do Christmas stuff together ;). Thanks for thinking of me. I am definitely telling this baby to get out. He is done cooking :)

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