Saturday, March 6, 2010

Houston Livestock Show 2010

Yesterday we made our annual trip to the Houston Livestock Show. Since my parents were unable to accompany us this year, we invited our good friends the Smiths to come with us. It was a blast, of course!
We saw the pig races, petted all sorts of animals in the petting zoo, watched chickens hatch, wondered around, ate good food, and most importantly, we had the boys compete in the Mutton Bustin'!!!!
That's right, this year Carter and his friend Milo signed up to ride the sheep in the Mutton Bustin'. For those of you who are clueless as to what that is, let me just tell you. They put kids, in a certain age, on these sheep and have them ride them! It's a lot like bull riding, except the kids are on sheep, and thankfully the sheep don't buck. The goal is to stay on the sheep for 6 seconds. Carter lasted I think maybe two seconds. Milo was probably like four seconds.
It was so so funny. I'm proud of Carter!! When he was done he informed me that he didn't cry. I was just proud of him for doing it! Bo and I both thought he'd wimp out. Not our little man!! He later said he didn't want to do it next year, but then after seeing the video of himself, you can hear him saying he wants to do it again. Sweet. Milo got a bruise on his shin from the sheep stepping on him. He was tough, however, and he claims he had a great time. Good job boys!

Meg and Carter probably 5 minutes after getting in the car following our busy day. I would've liked to stay longer but they had had it.

For most of the petting zoo this is how Meg was. She was NOT about to touch those animals. I don't blame her, most of those animals were bigger then her! The animals were hilarious, they would just walk up right next to you. In the picture below, Meg and I were taking a picture of a goat lying down, and this little goat next to me decided to just come up and lean against me and join the family. Meg did finally touch the baby goats with Bo. That's it though.

Carter and Milo. This was towards the end of the day, hence Carter's grumpy face.

The petting zoo was a big hit with the boys. I think we stayed in there for about 20 minutes.

After the boys rode the sheep, they had them all come out in the arena to get their prizes.

The boys all geared up and ready to ride! Yee Haw!

And here is the video of our future champion!!!


Whidget said...

Cute!! That looks like great fun! I can't believe Carter's hair is getting so dark! Maybe it's the winter so he's spending less time outside?? Love you guys! can't wait to see you soon!!!


Liberty said...

haha I am so proud of Carter he is such a little man getting on that sheep! I can't wait for him to try again next year!

Alan said...

The sheep video is awesome!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I can't believe that was Carter! I loved the video!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

How cute and funny! I love how they got all the gear on to go and ride a sheep. I also ADORE the look on Carter's face in the last post. Congrats on makin' the list!


Did Megan's hair go from red to blonde? She is becoming a very beautiful little girl (rather than just a cute baby)! I like going to the Stock Shows here...but I really miss going to the one in Moses so that I can run into people I know!!

Samantha said...

Cass that is hilarious! I love love that Carter got up and rode that sheep. Seriously hilarious.

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