Monday, March 8, 2010


Today our little Megan/Meg/Megalove is 18 months. Its official. She is nursery age. Man how time flies.
We love this little girl and have enjoyed EVERY MOMENT that she has been in our lives. She is funny, sweet, caring, smiley, so so smart, entertaining, and dang stinkin' CUTE. She loves music and dancing. She can even be heard to sing occasionally.
She is so friendly, waving at anyone and anything that passes by her notice. Her favorite people are her mama and dada, along with Carter. Close seconds are her pals Ashley and Miyah. She LOVES to talk on the phone and to wrap her babies up in her blankey and carry them around. She's a girl through and through and we are loving it.
Love that girl.


Whidget said...

Her hair looks so cute in the bird photo, but I love the barefoot picture!! What a doll. Can't wait to see her! XOXOXOX

Jordon and Terra said...

I love that girl too! So stinkin cute!

Kevin and Eliza said...

She is adorable. I love her hair, it looks very full.

Jackie said...

I love her hair too! SO CUTE!

Stormie said...

Happy Half Birthday Megan! And it's fun for Miyah to have such a good friend. We love Megan!

Samantha said...

Holy cow 18 months. I feel like she should still just be a little baby! Man how time flies. She is seriously ADORABLE.

Rachel said...

I found your blog!!! Remember when Golden thought Megan was mine at Libby's wedding?? She's so cute!

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