Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!!

We had our ward Easter party on Saturday. The kids were SO EXCITED. Both of them really got into it this year. I just love watching my kids do an Easter Egg Hunt. It's right up there with watching them on Christmas morning and Halloween. It's just so fun to see them get in to it.

Meg would shake each egg to make sure something was in it before she put in the basket. That's my girl!!

Carter was a pro this year. He was content to go off on his own, hence not as many pictures of him.

This picture reminds me of one of those photo stands, you know where they have a picture with its face cut out so that you can put your head in? That's what this is. . . my head's just sort of put in there. And the kids' faces are great too. They're both saying "cheese," only they aren't looking at the camera.
I love this picture. Both kids with mouths full of candy.

Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. Who wants to give this girl a big kiss??!


Donnie and Laura said...

Cuuuuuuute!!!! What if there was money in an egg?? Then Megan would miss it because it wouldn't make much noise..

Alan said...

Oh man, the only downside to going to my sisters wedding was missing the Easter party. I think it's my favorite ward activity.

Thanks for sharing pictures!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I love how the kids get excited for what the eggs have. Our ward activity for Easter sucked. However I'm looking forward for the one we will have with family this weekend:)

Lori said...

Your kids are growing up!!! Happy Easter to you all!!!!

Whidget said...

Haha--we are doing another egg hunt here tomorrow with Clint's kids. Eli needs some practice. He still thinks it's a leisurely event. I am pretty sure Hayley will give him a run for his money. Err, or candy. Miss you guys!! Squeeze those Meg cheeks soon!
Aunt Bridget

santino, polly and little dude Eli said...

They both did a great job, Meg is so smart about checking every single egg :) You look great with bangs, btw.

The Granthams said...

Aww... I really wish we could have been there. Our ward didn't even have a party. We should have gone to Galveston!

The Beus Gang

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