Monday, February 8, 2010

Spidermen Don't Get Sick!

Carter is obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with Spiderman.
He has two Spiderman shirts, which are worn almost every day. If I can't wash them fast enough, you can find him digging in the dirty laundry for them. He loves them that much.
Last week I took the kids to Dr. for check ups and Carter ran inyo another little boy who was also wearing a Spiderman shirt. Carter was so excited! He hurried and unzipped his jacket so he could reveal his Spiderman shirt too. He ran up to the little boy and both just looked and admired each other's Spiderman apparel. Really. The little boy even said, "That's cool!!!" hahaa. I have a Spiderman song that Carter has me play all the time. He'll then run around the house singing, "Spiderman, spiderman," while holding his hand out pretending to shoot his web.
So here comes the "Spidermen Don't Get Sick" title.
Late last week I was scrubbing my shower. I had sprayed Tilex and the fumes were a little overpowering. While cleaning, Carter came into the bathroom asking me why it smelled. I proceeded to tell him that I was cleaning and that I didn't want him in the room because I didn't want the chemicals to make him sick. He left with no comment. Seriously TEN MINUTES LATER he comes running into the room and tells me "Mom, SPIDERMEN DON'T GET SICK."
What was I supposed to say to that?


Ben or Cortney said...

Love boys. They are invincible! Or they think they are! : )


That is EXACTLY like my 5 year old...I don't know if he'll EVER outgrow this stage! When he was 4 he ran back into the middle of a fairly busy road after we got done crossing it. I turned around to see him standing in the middle of the street, with his hands oustretched to stop cars in both lanes. There was a line of cars in both lanes that had stopped. No one was even honking at was like time was standing still. He just stood there like that with a very determined "STOP" look on his face. I FREAKED out & ran to him. I think the cars didn't even know what to do! He told me later that they HAD to stop for him, because he was a superhero. It makes for a pretty hillarious story now, but was extremely scary.

Kevin and Eliza said...

Very cute. Children sure know how to stump us parents.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I really though Ian was old fashion cause he loves spiderman SO MUCH! He loves him since he was 18 months old (I bought spiedrman t-shirt beacuse they were on sale) since then he just loved him. We finally let him watch spiderman cartoon online and he already knows the dialoges. I'm so excited to see you again. I'm sure Ian is going to have so much fun with Carter. Now both of them can be spiderman and fight for justice!

The Granthams said...

We were watching Spider Man this morning and Phoenix was convinced he was turning into Spider Man. He had a little cut on his foot that he called his spider bite. Then he said, "Look Mom, my hands are turning white like Spider Man's!" He got this awestruck look on his face. I guess after a few minutes he realized he wasn't turning into Spider Man. But he was convinced for a few minutes. We miss you too! Is Carter still in love with pirates too? Or has that been replaced with Spider Man?

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