Monday, February 22, 2010


(Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oatmeal. SO yummy and my kids love them. And yes, that is banana bread in the background. I was on a roll today. Do you see the little "snake" cookies? Those are Carter's contribution.)

I used to hate making cookies, and to be honest, sometimes I still cringe at the thought.


Let me tell you. You see, growing up, I was the cookie maker in the family. Not by choice, either. My mother was always making me make cookies. And not just any kind of cookies, but the cookies SHE wanted, which happened to be the ones that I detested. Snickerdoodles, peanut butter, and occasionally I could make chocolate chip cookies-with semi sweet choc. chips. I still to this day cannot have snickerdoodles or peanut butter cookies, and when making chocolate chip cookies, they have to have milk chocolate chips. :) What can I say, it's one of the perks of being an adult.. . . I can choose what kind of chocolate chips to use. hahaha. I wasn't allowed to make any other kind of cookie, unless approved by her. I never got to make the roll out sugar cookies (with cookie cutters) because she didn't like them, if I ever made sugar cookies they were this gross, stiff, crunchy kind that weren't cut out, but rolled into balls.

I'm sure you're still wondering why this would scar me. What's the big deal? Sure I had to make some cookies I didn't like, but what's the big deal?? The big deal is she would make me QUADRUPLE the batch. REALLY (I have four older brothers). And I couldn't drop the cookies by the spoonful either, I had to roll out every. single. cookie ball. Imagine. You'd cringe too.

So here I am, years later, wanting to make some yummy cookies, with milk chocolate chips, where I only have to make one batch and it's not that much, and yet I still cringe. . . . .. but not for long. Because they are cookies I like and I don't have to spend HOURS (no exaggeration) in front of the oven to make them. Nope. Just two trays of cookies.

And when it comes to the point in my life when I have a big family and quadrupling the batch is necessary in order to give them all lots of cookies. . . .well, I'll make Megan do it.



Neighbor Jane Payne said...

But where's the recipe?! I'd really, really like it.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Oh man I hate making cookies too, but i don't have all of that background. Although, I hate semi sweet chocolate chip cookies. we use the milk chocolate here!!! We always had to quad our batches too. I guess I don't mind making the dough it is the baking of the cookies that I hate!

I have discovered the premade cookie mixes by betty crocker in the baking I just use those now, they make the perfect amount and cambree can do all of the preparations! They ALWAYS have coupons for them on so I usually can get them for under a dollar when they go on sale and use the coupons...maybe something to think about. they have a sugar cookie mix that I use that you roll out and use a cookie cutter and they are actually soft if you don't over bake them!!!

The Bruces said...

that was hilarious. and pic of cookies made me want some cookies!

kristmas said...

Mmm cookies.

I say make Carter do the quadruple batches in the future. He's the oldest! mwhaha.

Serena said...

Wow, I knew there was a reason your cookies always taste so good--you've had A LOT of practice, lol.

Katie said...

Ha ha! You know what's funny? Your oreo cookie recipe is one of my favorites. I make it all the time and they are a HUGE hit whenever I bring them anywhere. It was in the cousins' cookbook you all did for Ivan that year in Moses Lake. Anyway, in my recipe box it says "Cassidy's Oreo Cookies AKA THE BEST COOKIE EVER!" And I never knew . . . my favorite cookie is from the kitchen of a cookie hater :)

Heslop Family said...

The perks of having a girl......right!! That's so funny. I was also the cookie maker, but I had to make SO much because the boys (including Dad) would just eat the dough. I had to make them a lot!! We now use Milk Chocolate at our house too.

Justin and Stephanie said...

So maybe Carter should have to do the cookie making when you have to make a ton. If the boys are the ones inhaling them, they should be the ones to make them. :o) Thanks so much for the blurb suggestion. I LOVE it! In fact I have shared the site with several good friends and they LOVE it too! Thank you Thank you!

Robin Conner said...

It was so fun catching up on your blog! Your kids have grown so fast! Little Meg is ADORABLE!! Love the piggy tails! Don't ya just love having a girl? So fun! I can't believe you had to cook all those cookies when you were younger! Holy Cow! I would hate baking cookies too! But these ones looked super yummy! Did you use ALL whole wheat, or just half and half? I should try that next time. oh, and p.s. I only use milk chocolate chips in my cookies too! ;)

Mike and Lisa said...

Hahahaa..isn't that exactly why we have kids?!

Great post. I too, hate making cookies from scratch. I definitely need a girl next.

Cali said...

Oh Cassidy,

This story made me laugh. As I read it, I could hear the EXACT intonation of your voice and it felt like I was hearing you say it (as in we were having a conversation)... not just reading it. What a funny recounting. I loved your punch line as well. Thanks for the funny "conversation."

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