Friday, February 12, 2010

Mardi Gras

I just don't get this "holiday". I don't. One of my Young Women, who goes to Catholic school all-knowingly informed me that the point of it was so that every body could get all of the bad stuff out in preparation for Lent. WHAT??? Does this make any sense to you? To me, seeing all the stuff going on here, makes it sound just like an excuse to "eat, drink, and be merry." It sorta seems like by doing all that bad stuff and then doing something good like Lent, makes it kinda cancel each other out. I thought the point of Lent was to make yourself better. Of course, I'm not Catholic, and so I might also be way off base. I DO recognize that half of the people out there partying the night away are probably not the most devout of Christians. And I really do like the idea of Lent, just not the stuff that seems to go on before.

I guess I just don't agree with the idea that because someone is going to give up something, it is okay for their behavior and their thinking that flashing someone to get beads, walking around drunk and everyone thinking its awesome, talking crudely, and just about everything else rude is OKAY.

With that being said, I'll get off my little soap box.
My friends, the Manns, came last weekend to visit and to see the firetruck Mardi Gras parade. It was so fun having them. We played, chatted, and ate yummy food. The only disappointing thing was the lack of beads from the parade (no flashing involved--this was a rated G one). Usually Carter comes away with TONS. This year the only one he got was given to him by a lady after the parade was over. Luckily he wasn't too disappointed. Thanks to the Manns for coming to visit!!!

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