Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why, the little liar!

So last week in church the Primary President came up to Bo and me and jokingly told us that we need to stop refusing Carter underwear.


Apparenty during Sunbeams Carter decided he needed to go "wet" in the toilet. Great news, huh?. . . . if only he'd do so at home. . . anyways, when the president asked him why he wasn't wearing underwear, he told her that we don't let him wear underwear and go potty on the toilet.


Carter-we're BEGGING you to be potty trained. Little stinker refuses at home.


Lori said...

Oh the things kids say.....swallow all your pride. You'll have nothing left in the next few years.

Donnie and Laura said...

HAHAH!! That crazy boy, what's his deal??

Kevin and Eliza said...

Too funny! I think you should let him have some underwear. :)

Emily said...

you mean parents!

Jackie said...

I heart this story!

Robin Conner said...

That's pretty funny. Lily did the same thing. She'd always go at church but not for us. She finally potty trained, but I think they use it as "power"! little stinkers! ;) Good luck. Keep on trying! And way to go Meg on walking! holy cow! You'll have to get some pics of her in action!

Jana said...

I don't know Cassidy. I think you're secretly waiting for Carter to just potty train himself. ;)

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