Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I don't want to forget

I was talking to my mother in law on the phone today, telling her random things about the kiddos that make me laugh, and she asked me if I was writing them down. Now I love to blog, but my kids do things that crack me up all the time, and if I blogged them everytime, then I'd have a billion posts, not to mention no one would ever comment. Lets face it: the longer you have a post up, the more comments you get! And comments are like Christmas presents to me. :)
Anyways, she brought up a good point, and I should write some of these down. This is for them, afterall.
So lets all take a trip down memory lane, or what I hope will become memory lane.
Carter is starting to make-believe. Since watching Ice Age 3 the other day, he has become obsessed with anything to do with Ice Age. Today he stuck two fingers, pointed down, next to his mouth and came after me, claiming to be a tiger. I screamed, "oh no, a saber toothed tiger!" To which he replied, "no I'm just one tiger." (toothed sounds like two ( inserted that for you who can't follow the thinking path of a 3 year old :) )) I then had to clarify. Funny boy. He then put the fingers, pointing up, on his nose, and claimed he was a rhino. Some days he's a helicopter or an airplane. He really likes to pretend to ride the lawnmower, which includes background noise and turning the key off.
I had to put on a child lock on the OUTSIDE of Megan's door. Why? Carter kept going in there and putting on her clothes!! Who knew that Meg's pink pants can be shorts on Carter? Or that her sun dress can also be made to be a tank top?? Oh he looked sooo funny. I should've gotten him out of it, but Bo was coming home soon, and now THAT was an expression and conversation I just did NOT want to miss. I think Bo was in the door 2 seconds before he took Carter away and changed his clothes, all the while Carter screaming and crying. In his defense, he didn't realize it was girls clothes, or I guess I should say that wasn't why he was putting them on. He was doing this because he wanted to be a baby, and those were baby clothes. Oh his thinking. . . .
Megan has an attitude. I love it. It cracks me up. She knows when she's missing out. If Carter and I are wrestling on the floor, you'd better believe she's heading right over to join in on the fun. She has no idea what's going on, but she knows she wants a part of it. If Carter has a popsicle or juice box, Meg follows him around and won't let him out of her sight. If WE have one? Oh she grunts and whines non stop till she gets a piece of it. And she won't let go!
Megan knows she's hilarious. She could commit murder and we'd laugh. Oh she's so funny. She has the funniest laugh too. She picked up my phone the other day, and while thinking she was doing what I do (put it next to the ear), she put it behind her head with her elbow to her ear. Oh she was grinning so much, a toothless tongue-sticking-out kind of grin. She was so proud of herself. Of course I then laugh, which makes her laugh, which is actually a grunty raspy thing, thus making me laugh more.
Meg thinks she so awesome. She grabs the kitchen chairs and pushes them around the room, all the while looking at you with that funny smile. You know she's thinking that she's pretty cool "walking" around. Oh yeah. Meg's favorite room is the bathroom. She love Love LOVES to flush the toilet. The little stinker. She thinks its the best thing ever. She's also realized how fun it is to grab at the toilet paper and pull. Now I know most of you are thinking this could be easily remedied: just keep the door shut. We are in potty training mode here though, so that's easier said then down. It's nice though, if I ever want to know where Meg is, I just have to wait, and sure enough, I'll hear the toilet flush.
One last thing, which again might be boring to you, but I thought it was hilarious. Well actually two things. . . Carter was riding his bike around today, and upon realizing something (I forget what) said, "aw DANG it!" I love it! I think it's hilarious. The other thing was that I was telling him tonight that it was time to eat and that we were having cheese sandwiches (grilled), chicken noodle soup, and green beans (Bo was off at a school thing), and he got up to the table with a big grin on his face and said "I'm so excited!" SOOOO Funny. Maybe I should make that more often. . . . . . . with all the on calls Bo has, I probably will.


Samantha said...

I love listing all the things that my babies do because it gives me a moment to reflect on how funny they actually are. I love how small things like babies pretending to be on cell phones can just brighten our days. Today Kate was walking around with a pretend phone and said, "Okay, love you daddy. bye." It made me laugh. Sounds like Meg is already on her way too. I'm so glad you have such a great little family.
(p.s. merry christmas.)

Donnie and Laura said...

Carter in girl clothes??! again?? I thought he was wearing Meg's pants in another post a while ago.. Maybe you should keep your eye on that kid ;) j/k- He's precious, they both are.

The Boyce's said...

That was so fun to read! I felt for a second that I'm not missing out on their lives! Haha Thanks for sharing!

Briana said...

Loved this post. It's fun to read about the crazy things other people's kids do, too. Just a side note coming from the paranoid parent who now had a pool in the backyard... Please, please, please be careful with Meg around the toilet!! When their head is so heavy, it's WAY to easy for them to reach for something down in and be pulled in! Love you guys!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cassidy, I will do better about commenting...every girl should get Christmas when she's willing to blog and keep people up to date.

I'm glad you wrote about the kids, too. I could just hear Carter in the "dang it" part, because I could hear you.

Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks.

Katie said...

How adorable! I'm glad you're writing this stuff down =-) You'll be so glad you have it later. Also, for the record, I love it when people post hilarious things their kids do, so I promise to comment!

Robin Conner said...

Loved it! I was laughing almost all the way through. Also love the pics of the kiddos in the pool. So cute!!!

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