Friday, July 10, 2009

First Steps!

I was at my friends house this morning and I set Meg down on the floor, helping her balance on her feet. I let go and was SHOCKED that she was doing such a good job balancing. As I started hollering for my friend to come see, Meg took a step!! Now she's tried before and fallen. This time? She caught her self with arms in the air and balanced herself!!! She then took TWO MORE STEPS!!! All alone and in the middle of the room. Good job Megan!!

*I'm feeling a little upset that my baby's already at this stage. *


Samantha said...

uh oh. YOu know what that means. Time for another baby! haha. Yay for Megan!

Carla said...

She is ready to be on the move! Life is about to get REALLY FUN!
Congrats to Megan!

Aika said...

WHAT! How old is she? Holy moly... that is amazing.

Donnie and Laura said...

Maybe the key to balancing is very large thighs..? ;) Love little Megan!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I can't believe she is already walking! Go Megan!.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Hey Cass I'm going tomorrow to visit Lind...jelous? haha J/K. When are you coming with me. We should go togheter. Or what is even better come and visit me at the same time than hers. I already told her she needs to come before the kids start with school:)

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