Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

One of Carter's favorite places to go to is Chuck E Cheese. I often find coupons for the place in movies that I've boughten, so when I go I usually have a good deal.
One of the things I also like about the place is that you can bring your own food. So, if you have a good coupon and you bring your own food, it's actually a cheap activity!
Anyways, last week we made yet another trip to Chuck E Cheese. Carter has been doing AWESOME at using the bathroom and wearing underwear (2 weeks with SLIM accidents!) so we thought we'd go celebrate with some friends. We had a good time, as always.
Carter is crazy there. He loves jumping from ride to ride and is impatient for his ride to end so he can go get on another one. I must confess that even I have a favorite. . . the one where you roll those little balls and try to get them in the holes. name? I don't know. Yeah I always want to play that one but Carter can't get down the whole roll the ball thing and ends up just throwing them, so we don't get to play it as much as we'd like. haha.
Megan loved the place too. All those flashing lights and noises? What's not to like?!
Some random kid on the ride with Carter. This is by far his favorite ride.

Megan on the slide at Chuck E Cheese


Donnie and Laura said...

skee ball!!!!

Justin and Janell said...

Your kids are so dang cute and you are a great mom! It was fun to see you guys in WA. And I totally know what you mean about no air-conditioning and no husband, don't worry it gets better!

Whidget said...

Wow, Megan looks like a little girl!! holy cow. When did that happen!? I can't believe she's almost one!!!

santino and polly said...

your kiddos are growing so quickly! congrats to carter for potty train!

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

i hear you can't go to chuck e cheese any more unless you bring kids with you. :( for the single folk. but i do love a good game of skee ball.... also, extra kudos for staying potty trained while AT chuck e cheese, cause i'm pretty sure if i didn't have good bladder control all of the excitement and food and rides and lights and prizes would cause me to just wet myself.

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