Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some conversations

Carter: (In a very depressed voice) "Why can't I read?? I know all the letters!" Poor guy. I told him I'd teach him. ha. Wish us luck.

This one I don't quite know how to take:

I was at my friend Sydney's church the other day, when a lady she new asked me when I was due.
Me: "Valentine's Day..... yeah, I'm only six months."
Lady: (with shock on her face) "And there's only one in there??"
Me: ( with a nervous chuckle) "Yeah."
Lady: "Well... you look really good!"



Tiffany Fackrell said...

i say take it as a compliment. it means you are all belly and you didn't gain weight anywhere else. therefore, you have to stick out further. plus you already have a tiny waste...so i think she was trying to tell you you look really great and as soon as you pop that babe out you will be back to your old body!!! so yeah it was a TOTAL COMPLIMENT!!! and with that I now request an updated preggo picture so we can all tell you how cute you look...because i am sure you are ADORABLE!!

Whidget said...

It's just because you're so skinny. Count your blessings--people think I'm just FAT and don't even know I'm pregnant until like 7 months...

Mike and Lisa said...

Sounds like the comments I get on a regular basis too! I have people all the time say, "I know so-and-so whos due the same time as you and she's barely showing". Thanks people.

Katie said...

I think I will start a class that teaches people appropriate pregnancy-comment etiquette. Seriously.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I got my first... you look about ready to pop comment the other day! SAD

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