Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its a bird, its a plane, its . . .


We went to Moody Gardens on November 13th to see Santa turn on the lights for the "Festival of Lights" they have here every year. This Santa is a little unconventional though, as he prefers to jump out of an airplane and parachute to the ground with his bag of toys. Megan was amazed, and now everytime she sees an airplane flying over she says "ho ho ho" and demonstrates with her hand how Santa came parachuting down. She's going to be a bit confused when she sees Santa coming on his sleigh pulled by reindeer this Christmas.

The whole night was fun; they had a performer there singing kids' Christmas songs, and then Santa came to turn on the lights. We decided not to stay to walk through the lights because it was so crowded. We will definitely be back though. Here are a few pictures of Santa parachuting with a couple elf helpers:

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