Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting it over with early.

Carter woke me up yesterday at about 5:30 am crying. I ran in to find his face and upper body covered in vomit. Great. I change the sheets, change his pj shirt, wipe him down, put new sheets on, lay towels down, and get him his "throw-up" bowl.
About a half hour after all this, he wakes me up with more vomit, thankfully in the bowl, and diarrhea, thankfully NOT in the bowl.
The rest of the day he spent lying on the couch in a sort of daze, watching cartoon after cartoon. Poor kid.
Megan. Meg spent the day super happy, super hyper. She was a joy to be with. really. That night we put the kids to bed and about an hour later wake up to Meg screaming. She's thrown up. EVERYWHERE. The girl can projectile that vomit. Thankfully Bo was up and helped. He bathed Meg and washed the carpet, while I did the same things I pretty much did with Carter that morning.
She got to stay up an extra hour and was super happy and hyper again. Apparently this is how she acts when she is sick. :) While in the kitchen, after we were finally done cleaning up her mess in her room, she started throwing up again. I grabbed her bowl, and tried having her vomit into it, which she did NOT want to do. Too young for bowls, darn it. When she was done, or so I thought, I sat on the floor with her in the kitchen, trying to soothe her, only to have her start to throw up again. Bo was there, and in his rush, he reached up to grab the bowl, and ended up spilling it's contents all over ME. Luckily it was a moment that ended in laughter, instead of death. :)
I'd like to say that was it. The end of our sickness. Thankfully I can say it was for the kids, at least, but as for me. . . not so much. The kids are happy and eating a little today. No more vomiting. . . yet.
I've always thought there isn't anything worse than being a sick mother, but I can now say that it's definitely worse being a sick preggo mother. My stomach rumbles and cramps. The baby doesn't like that, so he kicks and shifts, causing my stomach to rumble and cramp, causing the baby to kick and shift, causing. . . well you get the idea.
Luckily Bo is on-call today and since there hasn't been any traumas, the other staff is letting him stay home and watch the kids until something big comes in. Otherwise there would be havoc at our house. I'm not doing anything in the mothering department. My kids are in their pajamas with crazy hair. I'm sitting on the couch in pain. Why am I blogging? Because it's distracting me. But I'm done now.
Lets just hope we got the whole winter bug over with early.


Jordon and Terra said...

Oh man I'm sorry that is no fun! Hopefully it runs its course and then you guys are all done for the winter! :) (And that is pretty funny about the throw-up bowl getting spilled on you! And I'm impressed it ended in laughter and not death! haha)

Stormie said...

Ahh! Shoot. Wish we could help somehow. Get better soon!

And glad you guys laughed about the bowl. I'm impressed!

ashleyboice said...

I have SOOO been there.

So sorry.

Whidget said...

I have been horribly, vomiting sick at least once during each pregnancy. It's way worse than just being sick when you're not pregnant! I hate being sick as a mom!

Robin Conner said...

YUCK! Nothing worse than the stomach flu and kids! They always seem to miss the bowl. My kids currently have it right now too. In fact I was just puked on a couple hours ago. It's so great cleaning up vomit isn't it? Ugh! Feel better mamma! It's hard to be a mamma and sick! And especially pregnant! Good thing the hubby is there helping you! Hang in there! ;)

Kimberly said...

Yikes! I haven't had to deal with it ... yet. So far it's just been colds. I noticed y'all weren't at church today. I hope you all feel better soon! Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug! Let me know if y'all need anything!

Carla said...

Sorry the bug found your family - sounds like no fun at all! Here's hoping for a sick free, happy week this coming week!

Briana said...

Hang in there girl! You gotta get better before Thursday!!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

That is the saddest thing I have ever heard! I hope you feel better. YUCKY!!!

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