Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling Better!!

Thanks for all of your well wishes!! It really helped brighten my day. :)
Thankfully the flu/cold/bug/deathly illness, haha, was a quick one. Both kids bounced back to normal after a day or so, with me taking just a tiny longer, due to the fact my stomach has something pushing against it. :)
Poor Bo, he just got it today. Fingers crossed it passes quickly for him, seeing as how he has his very first residency interview this Friday.
Anyways, thanks everyone for your comments and concerns!!!
On a side note, some have asked how I'm doing with this pregnancy. I'm doing okay. This pregnancy is definitely harder than the last two. Does it get harder with each one??? If so, how do those women do it who have like 10 plus kids (or even 4 plus kids) Oye.
I've thankfully not had any "morning sickness" in the sense that I'm constantly throwing up. Instead, I get food aversion. My mom was a little skeptical as to whether it was real or not, but I think after staying with her for over a month this summer, she was convinced. I basically just have no appetite. Really. That's why I haven't gained much weight. With Carter and Meg, I was only like this for the first couple of months, but with this one I've had it none stop. No real cravings or anything. With Carter I craved maple bars (when don't I? except for now...), with Meg is was butter. Anything with butter. Oh, how I loved butter. And Snickers bars. I normally am not a fan, but with Meg I loved them. No wonder the poor girl was 9 lbs. hahaa. This time it's nothing. Nada. Okay sometimes maybe a little Mexican, but I can never eat a ton of it. Bo says the one way he can tell I'm pregnant is when I start craving Mexican.
I can eat, but its rare I finish a meal. You should see our dinners. With kids being kids, and me having no real desire for the food, Bo is usually the only one eating. haha. Poor Bo.
I am getting a little better, but getting sick like I did this weekend sets me back and makes me loose my appetite again. I hope it passes soon, because I LOVE using the pregnancy as an excuse to chow down and eat whenever and whatever.
So that's all. This baby is a mover. Oh, how he loves to move. He has definitely got personality. He isn't afraid to kick or shove me if I move in a position he doesn't like. I was bending over to throw something in the garbage the other day, and wow, that kid can pack a punch! The kids are super excited for him. They are constantly pointing at my belly, with Meg exclaiming, "baby!" and Carter saying, "hey brother!" They make me so happy and excited to give them a new playmate. They really are looking forward to this little boy. Whenever I am with my friends 2 month old son, Carter and Meg are constantly at the baby's side and begging turns to hold him. You should see how gentle they are with him. They make me proud.
So that's it. Possibly no one will read this, but I am glad I wrote it down. This is more of a journal entry, and considering how super flaky and absent minded I am with this one, I'll probably want to look back and see how it was, because I'm pretty sure I won't remember as much. My brain is gone.


Stormie said...

If you're talking about the little guy I watch, he's over 3 months now! Crazy how time flies, huh?

I'm glad you're feeling better, but too bad about Bo. Hopefully he's feeling better by the end of this week! Good luck to him at his interview!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Good for you for writing it down. Isn't it crazy how much you really do forget. I'm glad you and your kiddos got better quick.

Jenn Zabriskie Timmerman said...

Your kids are so so so good with Max! I hope Max will be as good with his siblings some day when he has them. :)

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