Saturday, January 2, 2010

Once there was a "Snowman"

So Carter has been so excited to come up here to Washington and make some snowmen. He was so excited to see there was snow when we first got here. So of course, the first morning at Grandpa Baker's we had to go out and make a snowman. Unfortunately, the snow was terrible for snowman making. It had a sheet of ice on top, and very powdery snow below that. So the best we could do was make bucketfuls of snow and form it into the rough (very rough) shape of a person. Below is our final result.

Then this past week it snowed again, and once again Carter was super excited to go out and make a snowman. He somehow wasn't at all disappointed by the first attempt. So we went out to find that the snow was way too powdery to pack together. So we proceeded to make a "snowman mountain". Luckily, Carter was again very pleased with the results.



Jackie said...

It looks like a marshmallow man.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

love the snowmans. Very creative. When Nicky sees snowman that are small she calls them snowdude haha

Emily said...

that is so funny. love it.

dani_sahne said...

How cool are these snowmen. Love them. :-)

Whidget said...

That blobman is the ugliest snowman I have ever seen! It's like a Texan snowman (fat). Hehe. Congrats! Hahaha. It's hilarious. The bucket one looks like a robot snowman. Impressive!

Aika said...

I love your snowmen! You guys are the best parents in the world to do that. I would be like, "Kay, I give up now" They turned out so good!

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