Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it nap time yet?

No really, is it nap time yet?
It is only 12:30 and it feels like I've been up FOREVER.
I hate days like this.
Carter didn't take his nap the last two days, which means I didn't get MY nap.
Bo has been working at 6:30 every morning so he goes to bed way early and is too tired to even talk in the evenings. He also worked till 9:30 last night.
I mopped my floor last night while Bo was on-call. Yep. Today the kids threw spaghetti. GREAT. Why, why, why??? Throw it tomorrow, not immediately after it was cleaned! (If you had the big ol kitchen floor that I did, you'd grumble cleaning it too.) ( . . . or maybe you wouldn't. . . )
Carter has learned to talk back. Fantastic
I found out I have a hole in my heart. Super. Apparently it's not that big of a deal, but still . . .
Meg got up this morning 2 hours earlier than she normally does.
Instead of fighting with Carter, I put on the TV. I don't know what I'd do if I lived back in the 1800's.
This one you'll love--- Sometimes I just get so sick and tired of being poor. HA!! There. I've said it. Oh girl, you've got a long ways to go. Especially if Obama gets his way. Ick.
Bo's working Saturday AND Sunday.
I think my kids and my calling are wearing me thin. I'm pretty sure I'm failing miserably at both.
If Carter grabs Megan's cheeks one more time. . . SO HELP ME.
If Bo doesn't take me on a trip this year, kidless, I'll go on one without him. I really think I will.
So far being 27 has not been fabulous. Not at all. What a year, what a year.
I think the gypsy in me is calling out for a new home, new location.
I don't answer the house phone anymore. They're never social calls.
Megan is crying and hanging on my legs.
I think I need a nap.
I'm ready for SPRING.


Heslop Family said...

Cass, You are so funny! I LOVE YOU!! And AMEN to it all!

Kimberly said...

You sound so sad! Call me when you want a break! David would love to watch the kids while you and I go have a girl's night! Seriously! I can't tonight, but any other night I'm game!

The Harris Family said...

Oh sounds like our house sometimes (yesterday!) Good luck!

Samantha said...

Cass, this might be one of my favorite posts of yours. Because ISN'T IT THE TRUTH?!! Don't all of us mom's feel this way? I KNOW I DO. More often than not too probably. I hope your kids sleep better tomorrow and that you get a break.

Katie said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, because this is obviously not funny for you, but the way your wrote it was just hysterical. I'm sorry life is tough right now. I hope you have a better tomorrow =-)

Donnie and Laura said...

Days like this are few and far between.. but even knowing that doesn't make it any better when it's actually happening.. :( Love you!!! Call me?

Kevin and Eliza said...

Cassidy thanks for that post, it made my day!!! I'm sorry about the hole in your heart, and I hope it really isn't a big deal. I wish for you better napping days for your children. I hate it when kids wake up way early. Last night my little one decided from 1:30-3:30 was a perfect time to be awake. He even wanted a full meal after being nursed. Take care!

Mike and Lisa said...

I love this post because you were HONEST! I think so many people try to hide these "real" parts of our lives because they're not pretty or glamorous, but we all know too well that we all have days/weeks/months just like this!

Liberty said...

Dear Cassidy,

I am sorry today was rough for you.stop. I miss your face. stop. Very much actually.stop. Love you bundles.stop. will try calling again soon. stop. love. stop. Libby. stop.
p.s. stop. who would have guessed YOU of all people have a hole in your heart.stop. weird. stop. kinda ironic. stop. I just read a book about letters written in WWII. stop. stop.

Jackie said...

Hole in your hear?!
What is that about?

I hear ya sister friend.
Let's run away!!!

dani_sahne said...

Hi, I only have Leo part-time, but yes, we know these days as well. But we are strong moms and things will be better soon.
I talked to your parents the other day and I'd love to repeat this experience with you as well. Can you send me you're phone n°? Big hugs!

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