Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Carter!!

Carter had his fourth birthday a few weeks ago. Yes, that's right, I am just barely getting around to doing this. I actually tried blogging it last week, but for some reason my pictures wouldn't upload. We're good now.
Since Carter's birthday was right after we came back from Christmas, instead of planning a big party, we just sort of had an impromptu party at Chuck E Cheese. Carter was in heaven! We invited a few friends last minute who were in town and had ourselves a blast. I loved that it was just so easy. The only drawback to the party was that it was on a Saturday and there were a billion kids. There were probably like 10 birthday parties going on too. It was a tad crazy. Oh well.
The next day, Sunday the 10th, was Carter's actual birthday. We had Carter open his presents then, along with having his birthday cake. We invited the Smiths back over to help eat the cake, because there was no way we would've eaten that cake by ourselves. . . .. okay maybe we could've and would've, but we SHOULDN'T, so the Smiths took one for the team and came and helped us.
That cake was sooooo good. I did brownies on the bottom, then toasted marshmallows, then chocolate frosting, then ground up oreo's to make it look like dirt. To finish it off I buried gummy worms in it. Carter was impressed. Shoot, I was impressed. :) And like I said, it was GOOD.
Carter got action figures, clothes, a remote control car from my parents, v-tech games from Bo's mom, play-doh, and a light saber and cars from Milo Smith. Yes, Carter scored big time.
Happy Birthday Carter!!! I can't believe my baby is already 4. FOUR. Really? Where did the time go?? I love that crazy boy.

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Milo, Carter, Ben, Jamie


Jordon and Terra said...

Cass you stinkin crack me up! I can't wait till we move to Galveston! :) haha And I can't believe Carter is 4 either! Crazy! Looks like he had a great day! I miss that kid, give him and Megan a hug for me will you?

Heslop Family said...

YUMMY that cake looks good! We will come down if you make that cake for us! I can't believe Carter is 4... time flies. I remember when you found out you were prego with him. Man, we are getting old!

The Granthams said...

Hey save some cake for me, it looks delicious! And happy birthday Carter!

Stormie said...

I'm impressed by the cake. Looks yummy!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I can't believe he is already 4!! I remember when I met your little guy he was I think around 18 months old right?
Impresive cake btw. I wish I could have had a pice YUMM!

Briana said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've sworn that I will avoid Chuck E Cheese at ALL costs! You're a brave woman. Hey, I never heard back from you after my last email. :-) Did you change your mind. ;-)

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