Saturday, January 23, 2010

MUCH better

My kids slept in till 8 and 8:30!!!! Sweet. They DO love me.
I found some great deals at Target today. Clothes on the clearance rack because they're winter ones. Fine with me, they'll be perfect next year. You can't top buying cute pants for $1.75 or an awesome sweater for $3.50. Nope. I love that. I'm waiting a little longer to see if some other things are going to be marked down any more.
I got the kids new shoes today. Carter is now the proud owner of Spiderman shoes. Why yes, they are lovely. I actually don't like them, in case you couldn't tell, but I figure, if he loves them that much, and they make him happy, than whatever. I'm learning to chose my battles. He LOVES superheroes. And I guess I should add the shoes were $3.50. I love Payless. Meg got some adorable silver mary jane converse looking shoes. Girls are so fun to shop for!
So we're doing better here, we're all alive and healthy, and at the moment we're all still "best friend heroes"--Carter.
Now I'm just waiting for Bo to get home. He was supposed to be home 2 hours ago, but apparently there are a million babies being delivered at the hospital, so they haven't let him off yet. WOW.
Hope you all have a good Saturday!


Aika said...

Yeah!! Great deals! I love Target! I think I go there almost every week. Not good.... :(

Liberty said...

why hello lovely lady! I have a story for you call me! XXOOooxoOoxXxxo

Eric and Carrie said...

Cassidy--thanks for the napping advice. I'm willing to try anything to keep naps going longer. Thanks!!

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