Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Time!

I just took our turkey out of the freezer and put it in the fridge! We're getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!!!! (I'm pretty excited, can you tell?)
On a side note, I had lent a friend my nursing cover, and it was just returned the other day. Carter discovered that it makes a pretty sweet cape, so he put it on and ran around the house yesterday yelling "Superman!!"


Stormie said...

That's hilarious! Go Carter!

Jordon and Terra said...

How funny! Cute kid! And woohoo for Thanksgiving! Bring on the yummy food!

Samantha said...

You are making your own turkey?! Impressive. So I'm guessing that you are staying in Texas?

Whidget said...

That's funny. Whit never leaves comments but he thought it was funny enough to recite it to me (almost verbatim). I just read it to my mom. She thought it was funny too.

We are in Houston! Come see us!
Love you!

Aika said...

aww so cute! Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Justin and Stephanie said...

What a great us for the cover. Little boys are so creative! So do they eat mashed potatoes in Texas for Thanksgiving? I guess here is Louisiana, they eat rice instead. That is a tradition, I will not be adopting. What is thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes and gravy? Are you going home for Christmas?

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