Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon

How excited are YOU that New Moon comes out at MIDNIGHT??!?!?!!!!
In case you can't tell, I AM in the way excited category.
I will NOT be going to the midnight showing this year. Instead, a group of my friends and I are going tomorrow afternoon (when we hope most of the teenagers will still be gone) and then we are going out to eat.
Can we say P.A.R.T.Y!!!!!!!!!
I am so ready for a Girls Night Out!


Donnie and Laura said...

all I have to say is :(

Stormie said...

Yeah, I'm with Laura, I wanted to come too, but apparently they are all sold out. But I hope you have a FANTASTIC time! It should be a blast.

CAMI said...

Im jealous I want to go... but with a baby eating 24/7 i wont be able too- so tell us how it was~

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