Friday, September 18, 2009

Party like it's 1999

Only really. One night while in Washington I was able to get together with some of my old High School friends. Jana, lucky girl, got to come along and see just what I was like back in 1999. We did what we always did, we had dessert at Sharis and talked FOREVER.
It's always so much fun to get together with friends. I have missed these girls like crazy. It would have been even better if all of the girls were able to make it. Oh well.

Me, Jorden Byington, Samantha Earl, Melissa Redford, and Stacey Redford


Lori said...

Sounds fun. I still try to meet up with my high school friends when in Utah for lunch and talk...things never change.

DJ and Melissa said...

Yea, Bo better get a job up here when the school is finally over. I miss you guys like crazy too!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I'm glad you could visit with your old girlfriends:).
I just can't believe your baby is ONE! times flyes.
I talk to Lindsay. How does Oct. sounds to you to come and visit? We can go there or you can drive half and she can drive the other half and I'll wait for you both here:)
Let me know. I'm so eager about your visit:)

The Beus Gang

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