Friday, September 18, 2009

Grant County Fair

Again, this is an old post. Well, it should be an old post.
My friend Jana and her girls came to visit us in Moses Lake while we were there for Libby's wedding. The highlight of the trip? The one and only GRANT COUNTY FAIR. That's right friends. You haven't experienced anything till you've been to that wonderful place. Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING beats cotton candy and a Spaceburger. MMMMM.
Anyways, Jana and I hit up the fair with our kiddos, rides included, and had a grand ole time. Thanks Jana for come and hanging out with me!!! (She is such an awesome friend)

Proof we had cotton candy.

I swear Megan was there with us. So was Jana.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I wish I could eat cotton candy like that!

Jana said...

Thanks again for taking us Cass. It was the best!


I don't like cotton candy, but man do I miss those Spaceburgers!! I miss walking around the Fair... bumping into people I know, and checking out the Arts & Crafts Pavillion, as well as seeing my cousins' & friends' animals that they would enter in the fair each year. Good memories!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I was a little bummed we didn't make it to the fair, I did crave spaceburgers all week though!!! But I decided an 8 month preggo chasing around a 2 year old in over 100 degree weather just didn't sound like fun to me, so we skipped it this year!!! But it looks like you all had fun, I really do love the fair!!!

And I am really sad I missed the girl get together too...but I guess we gotta do what we gotta do!!

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