Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny Sayings and too cute for words

I pulled out some costumes the other day and tried them on Megan. Last year I had gotten a penguin costume for Carter that turned out too small, so I was wanting to see how it'd look on Meg. While I was at it I decided to just go ahead and try Carter's 1 year costume on Meg too, which is an elephant.
I think she looks SO CUTE. Oh man. seriously. I love that girl. Which one do you think she should be?? I'm leaning towards the penguin.

Carter has started calling me "sweetheart" the last few days. Yep. This morning he did one better. I was telling him to do something and he said, "Yes, your majesty Mama." !!!!! What??? Where did that come from? Funny, funny boy.


Whidget said...

Definitely the penguin, your majesty. Carter needs to talk to Eli. :-)

Alan said...

Penguin, all the way.

Stormie said...

I vote penguin too!

Lynn said...

Take heart...Rachel and Ande used to call me "Miss Hannigan".

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